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Construction Manager
Summary of Job Responsibilities

Primary Role: Plans, supervises and coordinates construction activities including quality control and safety.

This summary provides a general overview of typical Job responsibilities. It is not a complete description. Company employees are expected to perform all tasks assigned to them, even if not listed in the below summary.

Primary Responsibilities:

Management & Supervision

Manages trade partners and consultants; inspects work and approves-payment for acceptable work and materials. Manages contract adherence and provides input on trade partner selection.

Manages Assistant Construction managers; provides training and feedback to foster their growth and advancement.

Manages safety for himself/herself; oversees Dannen employees to ensure they work safely; evaluates safety violations and exercises judgment to take appropriate action.

Schedules And Budgets

Manages work against benchmarks and timetables to ensure that trade partners, employees and vendors perform schedule and on budget.

Exercise’s discretion to plan and coordinate starts; modifies schedules in response to field conditions to achieve Company goals

Project Mangement

Manages the home-building process from permitting to home delivery and first-year warranty.

Uses sound judgment to implement Dannen’s jobs site compliance programs and monitors trade partner compliance with scopes of work and applicable regulations such as building codes, environmental laws, SWPPP, and health and safety programs.

Acts as Dannen’s primary representative on the jobsite with third parties such as trade partners, customers and government inspectors and investigators.

Manages daily logistics of the site to ensure various contractors work harmoniously; stages the job by determining the timing and location of material deliveries, sequencing of work and option installation, and verifying prior work is completed to Dannen’s high standards prior to follow on work.

Communicates with sales, purchasing, homeowners, consultants, trades, building officials and customer care to successfully execute the homebuilding process.

Technical Skills:

Strong knowledge of home construction.

Ability to read understand and implement adjustments to architectural and structural blue prints, off-site improvement plans & soils reports.

Knowledge of relevant building codes and all scopes of work.

Proficient in Microsoft application including Outlook, Excel, Word and Project.


4 years of relevant construction experience or education required.

Physical Requirements

Bending, stooping., reachi ng, lifting and balancing; frequent standing and walking, sometimes on un even and rough terrain.

Climbing ladders; moving / carrying construction materials and supplies weighing in excess of 50 pounds.

Tolerance of moderate to very loud noise. Environmental conditions vary depending on weather, stage of production, and where work takes place. Some of the following conditions apply at various times , hot, cold, wet, dry, muddy, humid; windy, calm, bright, dark, noisy, dusty, poor lighting , poor ventilation, temperature variations, fog and rain. Airborne particles such as wood dust, drywall dust , etc. are common in the field environment.

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